Mimex is a sole agent or distributor of very well-reputed multinational  suppliers mainly from Europe and USA, that give us an access to a diverse and broad range of quality products.

Our suppliers operate according to the maximum level of international safety standards and their products are ISO certified and they are certified from other food international organizations as well.

While the product is incredibly important, an essential part of what customers need is the expert knowledge that we bring. We aim to be our customers’ trusted advisor and influence their specifications from right at the start of their needs and we are frequently asked by our customers to help them find a suitable product to meet a specific need. The expert guidance that we offer is based on a broad knowledge of the supplier landscape. Our logistics network, gives customers any support they might need at any time.

Our leading market positions enable our central sourcing teams in each region to leverage our scale and negotiate competitive prices in return for access to over hundreds of customers. We work with our suppliers to ensure that they are reliable, and ethical, and that their products are fully compliant with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. This provides protection to us, and our customers in the event of a product failure, or breach of regulation in the supply chain. On the rare occasion that a product is faulty, customers have the confidence of knowing that we will support them.